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English for Publishing

How to communicate in English with your international partners

Codes professionels de formation

CPF 195713 et 195714

Missions ou activités visées à l'issue du stage

Conduct conversations in English with publishers, authors and production teams from different countries

Compétences visées et évaluées

  • To allow the right terms and expressions in concrete situations
  • To acquire the appropriate vocabulary to enable easy communication with your international publishing partners
  • To take action into a professional conversation

Public concerné


Anyone who wishes to learn English for Publishing purposes and wants to practise and improve their command of the language

  • A good working knowledge of publishing
  • An intermediate level of English




Méthodes et outils pédagogiques
  • 4 half-days in our Paris offices, to enable you to express yourself in English on publishing-related subjects
  • Practical exercises based on authentic articles and documents
  • Role play based on typical situations in a publishing house 
  • Discussion
Modalités d'évaluation

Conversation in English on a publishing-related subject

Profil du formateur

Each part of this course will be taught by an expert in publishing


The Publishing House
  • The organisational chart: main positions and jobs in the company and who does what
  • What happens in the different departments: editorial, the press office, rights, production, etc
  • Creating a book project
  • Developing and updating the work
Book Production
  • The different stages of production
  • Describing a book: different types of books, covers and bindings
  • Requesting a quotation
  • Receiving and understanding the quotation
Talking about Books
  • Talking about different kinds of books: fiction, non-fiction, art books, etc
  • Presenting a book, talking about an author
  • Taking part in a conversation: expressing your opinion, discussing the general trends in publishing today
Buying and Selling Rights
  • The clauses in different types of contracts and which to check first
  • Co-editions: the various possibilities

Informations pratiques

Durée et horaires

16 heures réparties sur 4 journées

14h00 - 18h00

Sessions en intra : nous consulter

Tarif de la formation

1 000 € HT

Individuels ou demandeurs d’emploi : nous consulter

Formation personnalisable selon vos besoins

  • 12, 19, 26 Novembre, 3 Décembre 2018
  • 11, 18, 25 Février, 4 Mars 2019
  • 20, 27 Mars, 3, 10 Avril 2019
  • 4, 11, 18, 25 Juin 2019
  • 27, 28, 29, 30 Août 2019
  • 12, 19, 26 Novembre, 3 Décembre 2019